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Mappedin SDK version 6 is currently in an alpha state while Mappedin perfects a new design. Breaking changes may occur, which will be posted in the v6 release notes.

Points of Interest can be added to a Map to represent anything that could be useful for users to be aware of. They are contained in the PointOfInterest class, which contains a coordinate, name, description, images, links and the floor the point of interest exists on. All of these elements are configured in the Mappedin Editor.

Web SDK v6 POIs

Video Walkthrough

PointOfInterest.name could be used to create labels to show users helpful information. The code sample below creates a label at the location of each PointOfInterest and uses its name as the label text. It also verifies that the PointOfInterest exists on the current floor being shown in the MapView.

// Iterate through each point of interest and label it.
for (const poi of mapData.getByType('point-of-interest')) {
// Label the point of interest if it's on the map floor currently shown.
if (poi.floor.id === mapView.currentFloor.id) {
mapView.Labels.add(poi.coordinate, poi.name);

The following CodeSandbox demonstrates one possible use for PointOfInterest. It labels each PointOfInterest and uses ICamera.animate() to create a flyby of each one. Reload the CodeSandbox to restart the animation.

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