Mappedin SDK version 6 is currently in an alpha state while Mappedin perfects a new design. Breaking changes may occur, which will be posted in the v6 release notes.

Map makers can choose from many annotations included in the Mappedin Editor to add to a map. Annotations are organized into the following groups.

Note that these are just a few examples of annotations, each group contains many more.

Annotation GroupExamples
Access FeaturesKeybox, roof access
Building SidesAlpha, bravo, charlie, delta
Equipment RoomsBoiler Room, Sprinkler control room
Fire RatingsFire and smoke wall 1 hour, firewall 3 hours
Fire SafetyFire Blanket, Fire Hose Reel
General SystemsEmergency Generator, Smoke Control Panel
HazardsBiohazard, Explosive
SafetyAccessible Elevator, Eyewash Station
Utility ShutoffGas Valve, Main Water Valve
VentilationChimney, Exhaust Fan
Water ConnectionsSprinkler FDC, Public Hydrant
Water SystemsFire Pump, Pressurized Water Tank

Incorporating annotations help provide a safer space for all. It allows users to easily locate key elements in the map.

Web SDK v6 Annotations

An app may choose to display all annotations, annotations of a specific group or no annotations at all. The following CodeSandbox lists each Annotation.type in text form. It reads the annotations from each floor and groups them by their

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