Getting Started with MVF v2

Mappedin Venue Format (MVF) is a GeoJSON based format containing geometry data associated with an indoor map.

Mappedin’s exports take highly accurate indoor map data and format it as per GeoJSON specs, for a variety of use cases. These GeoJSON based exports provide complete flexibility to build any indoor mapping experience. Read the MVF Data Model for a full breakdown of the MVF bundle.

Exporting MVF

MVF export is a feature of Mappedin Plus Maps. To export an MVF for a Plus Map, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Mappedin editor and navigate to the desired map.
  2. From the the editor screen, select the download button.
  3. Select "Download as MVF (GeoJSON)".

Download as MVF

This will download a zip file titled the name of the map. Within the directory are a number of GeoJSON and JSON files describing the geometry and styling extensions of the map. These files are explained in further detail in the MVF Data Model.

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