Data Sync - Getting started

The following guide shows how to setup map data so that it can be synced with with Mappedin CMS.


For customers with an existing central CMS, a data sync can be set up to treat that as the single source of truth. The Mappedin CMS will still be required to make any structural changes to the maps, using our powerful Map Editor, and to manage location types not present in your system (typically: amenities). All other location, category, and event data can come from your CMS. To do that, your CMS needs to provide an API that meets our requirements.


To synchronize with your system, Mappedin requires access to a REST API returning JSON data. Mappedin will run the sync once a day typically. In the future, syncing a venue in response to a webhook may be available.


Mappedin can sync Images from your system in a number of places (Store logos being the primary example). In order to use an image, the sync platform needs a programmatic way to know if the image has changed. Ideally this would be the name of the image (different name is interpreted as a different image), but we can also use, in order of preference: a last changed date property, a hash of the image stored in your API along side it, or an eTag on the image resource itself.

Please ensure that images conform to the MIME type of image and it's subtypes jpeg, png or svg+xml

For best results, please supply an SVG or 512px resolution PNG/JPGs, with a minimal amount of padding and no larger than 15MBs.

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