Mappedin Plugin for WordPress

The following guide explains how to install and use the Mappedin Plugin for WordPress.

The Mappedin plugin for WordPress allows users to easily add interactive indoor maps to WordPress pages using a simple shortcode, no coding required!

Mappedin is a fully packaged solution that can be easily embedded into your website. Once it's configured, you will have ongoing access to Mappedin as it continuously evolves and improves with new features and data driven learnings. Customers using Mappedin will always have the best version of our product, with out of the box features including:

  • An interactive 3D map
  • Location search and point of interest listing
  • Turn by turn directions
  • Safety annotations
  • ... and more!


  • WordPress Version: 3.6.0+
  • PHP Version: 7.2+


The Mappedin Plugin for WordPress can be obtained from the WordPress Plugin Store or downloaded directly from Github.

Please refer to the WordPress plugin installation documentation and follow the steps for your preferred method of installation.

Map Configuration

Mappedin users will need to provide their Map URL. Contact Mappedin if you have any questions regarding the information required for these settings.

How to get your Map URL

  1. Log into Mappedin
  2. Click the green Preview button.
  3. Click Share.
  4. Enable sharing.
  5. Click the Copy Link button. The map URL is now copied to your clipboard.

How to configure the Mappedin Plugin

  1. Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Choose Mappedin from the left admin menu.
  3. Paste your Map URL.
  4. Click Save.

Mappedin plugin for WordPress Configuration


The Mappedin Plugin for WordPress allows the embedding of Mappedin into a WordPress page or post using the [mappedin] shortcode. The steps below explain this process.

  1. Click on the Add Block button.
  2. Select Shortcode Mappedin Web Plugin for WordPress Add Shortcode
  3. Use [mappedin] as the shortcode. Mappedin Plugin for WordPress Shortcode

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