Embedding a Map with Wix

Get A Map Embed Code

It's easy to embed a map created in the Mappedin Map Editor into any web page. Follow the steps below to copy a embed map code snippet.

  1. Log into the Mappedin Map Editor.
  2. Open the map to embed.
  3. Click on the Preview button. Preview Button
  4. In the new window, click on the Share button.
  5. If not already enabled, click the Enable Sharing toggle to enable sharing.

The map share button and enable sharing toggle.

  1. Click on the Copy Embed.

The Copy Embed button

The code to embed the map has now been copied to the clipboard.

Embed the Map Code

Follow the steps below to embed a map as it appears in the Mappedin Viewer into a page on a web site created using Wix.

  1. In the Wix Editor, open the page to embed the map.
  2. Click the Add Elements button in the editor.Wix Add Element Button
  3. Click Embed Code.
  4. Click Embed HTML.

Add an Embed HTML element on Wix

  1. Paste the Mappedin embed code.
  2. Press Update.
  3. If your map appears cut off at the top or bottom, modify the embed code by changing height="100%" to height="100%".
  4. Press Update.

The screenshot below shows an example of the embed code modified in step 7 to use 100% of available height.

Wix embed code element with mappedin ebed code.

The map should now appear on the web page similar to the screen shot below.

Wix Map Embedded

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