Mappedin Developer Overview

Mappedin offers a variety of mapping technologies that developers can use to create customized solutions. From integrating detailed indoor mapping capabilities with SDKs, to utilizing APIs for specific functionalities, to deploying ready-to-use applications, Mappedin provides the tools needed for building interactive and scalable mapping solutions. These technologies are designed to support a range of use cases. Delve into Mappedin's SDKs, APIs, and integrable apps to enhance your projects with advanced mapping features.

Mappedin SDKs

Mappedin SDKs provide developers with the tools needed to integrate advanced indoor mapping capabilities into their applications. These software development kits offer a range of features, including customizable map views, real-time navigation, and interactive wayfinding. With support for various platforms such as web, React-Native, Android and iOS, Mappedin SDKs enable seamless integration and consistent user experiences across different devices. Explore the versatility and power of Mappedin SDKs to create engaging and efficient indoor mapping solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Web Embed

Mappedin enables anyone to quickly and easily create and embed an indoor map into a web page. Upload any floor plan and let Mappedin automatically detect and draw any doors, windows, walls and much more. Or start from scratch with the Mappedin iOS app and scan any room to create a floor plan. When the map is ready, use the following guides to embed it in a web page.

Pre-Built Enterprise Solutions

Mappedin Web

Mappedin Web is a fully packaged enterprise solution that can be easily embedded into a website to provide access to the Mappedin Web platform. Mappedin Web provides seamless navigation to visitors across any device. Features such as search, blue dot, and multi-destination wayfinding make it easy for users to plan their routes through your venue.

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Mappedin Web Plugin for WordPress

The Mappedin Web Plugin for WordPress allows easily adding Mappedin Web to any WordPress page or post.

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Mappedin Visual for Power BI

The Mappedin Visual for Power BI provides a simple way to plot analytics events on an indoor map within a Power BI report.

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Mappedin Mini Map

Mappedin Minimap provides a static map, zoomed in on a specific location. It is designed to work in tandem with Mappedin Web. Clicking on the Minimap will link the user to the location profile within the Mappedin Web App.

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Mappedin Digital Directory

Mappedin Directory empowers visitors to effortlessly navigate complex venues, finding what they need while highlighting relevant content and ads. It is designed to run on a Windows based digital display or kiosk.

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Mappedin Venue Format

Mappedin Venue Format (MVF) is a GeoJSON based format containing geometry data associated with an indoor map.

Mappedin’s exports take highly accurate indoor map data and format it as per GeoJSON specs, for a variety of use cases. These GeoJSON based exports provide complete flexibility to build any indoor mapping experience.

Learn More: Mappedin Venue Format Guide

Enterprise Data Synchronization

For customers with an existing central CMS, a data sync can be set up to treat that as the single source of truth. Mappedin CMS is used to make structural changes to maps and to manage location types not present in your system. All other location, category, and event data can come from your CMS.

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