Mappedin SDK version 6 is currently in an alpha state while Mappedin perfects a new design. Breaking changes may occur, which will be posted in the v6 release notes.

A Connection represents a traversable conduit between floors of a map, such as stairs or an elevator. The Connection includes details such as name, description, floors, coordinates and more.

Connection contains an array of coordinates, with each coordinate representing the location of the connection on a specific floor. In the case of an elevator, each coordinate would have latitude and longitude values that are the same with different floorIds. Stairs may have coordinates with the same or different latitude and longitude values on each floor, depending on whether a building's stairs are vertically aligned.

The following CodeSandbox loops through all connections and adds a Label using the for each Connection that is connected to the currently displayed floor. Zoom into the map to view all connection labels.

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