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Android SDK Overview

Android SDK Overview


Mappedin SDK for Android enables you to deliver the rich indoor mapping experience of your venue, designed in Mappedin CMS, inside your Android apps.

Through this overview, you'll be introduced to the concepts that will be helpful while understanding how the SDK works. This overview will also set the tone for what to expect in the guides that follow. These guides will take you through the setup and usage of Mappedin SDK for Android.

The SDK automatically handles any authentication, fetching of the map data, its display, and user interaction. You can render your own additional layers on top of the map that the SDK renders.


The Mappedin SDK for Android is build on top of the Mapbox SDK for Android. This enables us to deliver rich indoor mapping experience on top of a very solid foundation already built by our friends at Mapbox. This helps us focus more on indoor mapping, instead of focusing on the smoothness and efficiency of rendering the maps on multiple Android devices out there.

This also means that you'll be able to use some features of the Mapbox SDK too, most prominently, the styles


  • The SDK allows you to render your venue's maps in 3D and 2D natively.
  • The SDK also pulls the most up to date data from our mapping CMS for all your points of interest within your venue.
  • The SDK supports drawing navigation paths and providing instructions to and from any point of interest within the venue. Both accessible and non-accessible optimized routes are supported.
  • With the help of Mapbox you can use Android positioning services to display user location. Mappedin's SDK doesn't provide an indoor location service, but is compatible with any service that can provide a position in the form of a latitude and longitude.
  • The SDK supports basic camera functions on the map view.
  • The SDK is written natively in Kotlin, but supports both Kotlin and Java.
  • You can also use Mapbox styles with the Mappedin SDK for Android.

The next sections will let you setup the SDK and customize it further.

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