Android SDK v5 Release Notes

Mappedin Android SDK release notes are posted here and this page will be kept up-to-date as updates are released. The SDK is available by adding the following to your build.gradle:

implementation 'com.mappedin.sdk:mappedin:5.5.0'

v5.5.0 - Jun 19, 2024

  • Added the ability to move markers.
  • Added the ability to programmatically disable user triggered camera interactions.
  • Added method getMappedinCoordinateAtScreenCoordinate that gets the MPIMap.MPICoordinate using a MapView's screen x and y coordinate.

v5.4.1 - Jun 7, 2024

  • Fixed Floating Label appearance on Intel integrated GPUs.
  • Fixed images not appearing on invisible polygons.
  • Fixed a crash when using live polygons with no rendered perspectives.
  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic Focus would stop working after venue language change.
  • Fixed cases where exterior walls would not render.
  • Fixed changeLanguage and getVenue functions to accept language codes case-insensitive.
  • Fixed a potential Blue Dot failure when a floor has no nodes.
  • Fixed an issue in some venues where Blue Dot state would be OUTSIDE_MAP while within the map's bounds.
  • Fixed an issue where directions may be missing distances between instructions.
  • Fixed an issue where hydrating the map could crash without rendered perspectives.
  • Fixed an issue where unattached nodes could cause a map crash.
  • Fixed an issue causing some analytics events to not fire.
  • Fixed an issue where layer visibility was still determined by perspectives when useLivePolygons: true.

v5.4.0 - March 7, 2024

  • Added the ability to change languages without recreating the map.
  • Added interactivity to Markers and Labels. They can now be clicked.
  • Added the ability to override the Blue Dot’s bearing.
  • Added the ability to draw paths using coordinates.
  • Added ambient occlusion.
  • Added outdoor view.
  • Added shadingAndOutlines, which makes the tops and edges of walls more visible.
  • Added Dynamic performance, which will attempt to maintain above 25 FPS.
  • Fixed noisy ambient occlusion when monitor DPI is less than 2.
  • Fixed FloatingLabels.labelAllLocations() not respecting polygon logo images.
  • Fixed map failing to load when image textures cannot be downloaded.
  • Fixed the MappedinPolygon locations getter returning duplicate results.
  • Fixed special characters not yielding search results with OfflineSearch.
  • Fixed FloatingLabels not positioning at their correct height.
  • Fixed polygon hover color for polygons that have set color.
  • Fixed default value for automatically changing maps in dynamic focus mode to math indoor being fully visible.
  • Fixed image flipping when maps changed.
  • Fixed floating label rendering height.
  • Fixed default ambient occlusion performance.
  • Fixed clearAllPolygonColors not working.

v5.3.0 - Dec 18, 2023

  • Added unique context for Android analytics
  • Improved analytics events.
  • Improved collider performance.
  • Fixed focusOn animation performing redundant rotations.
  • Fixed Let MPIBlueDotManager.enabled be used without a default MPIOptions.BlueDot object.
  • Fixed cases where textures would fail to load.
  • Fixed Journey pulse animation when arrows were turned off.
  • Fixed BlueDot showing on incorrect floor.
  • Fixed invalid error message when adding a FloatingLabel to a polygon with an entrance.
  • Fixed Tooltips not appearing within their colliders.
  • Fixed Tooltips created at the edge of the screen becoming hidden.

v5.2.5 - Nov 10, 2023

  • Docs - Updated MPIOptions to include defaults
  • Added - Add floating labels to coordinates
  • Added - Tooltips
  • Added - Venue Language Selection
  • Fixed - Instances where a duplicate path would be returned in the click event.
  • Fixed - Initial Marker placement
  • Fixed - Performance when adding multiple labels one-by-one
  • Fixed - A crash when modifying paths during map transition

v5.2.4 - Oct 6, 2023

  • Fixed Map could crash if changed while a journey is being drawn.
  • Fixed Blue Dot appeared darker when multibufferRendering is enabled.

v5.2.3 - Sept 26, 2023

  • Added MPIClickListener and MPIClickEvent to allow detecting the coordinates of the user's click as well as the maps, paths and/or floating labels they clicked on.
  • Added MPIPathManager to allow adding and removing interactive paths.
  • Added Multibuffer rendering.
  • Added xRayPaths.
  • Fixed setting backgroundAlpha to 0 would result in it being set to 1.
  • Fixed flat labels and geometry showing for two floors at once.

v5.2.2 - Sept 14, 2023

  • Added MPIOptions.BlueDot.useRotationMode
  • Changed default accessibility value of getDirections & getDistance to false to match Web SDK.
  • Fixed the appearance of paths when the last node is on a different map.
  • Fixed an issue with BlueDot when using STATE.FOLLOW and Journey.
  • Fixed BlueDot exiting follow mode after receiving position updates.
  • Fixed an issue where focusOn would not fit targets within viewbox if tilt and rotation changed.
  • Fixed the extra warnings in the console.
  • Fixed a bug in polygon material loading.
  • Fixed end caps of routes to be level with the path instead of sinking them to the floor.

v5.2.1 - July 5, 2023

  • Added getDistance
  • Added useDraftData flag to MPIOptions.Init
  • Fixed an error with BlueDot when using useRotationMode: true and setState(STATE.FOLLOW).

v5.2.0 - April 12, 2023

  • Added getPolygonsAtScreenCoordinate.
  • Added getPolygonsAtCoordinate.

v5.1.0 - March 15, 2023

  • Add support for icons in Floating Labels.

v5.0.4 - February 27, 2023

  • Providing options for labelAllLocations is now optional
  • Marked deprecated camera functions as such
  • Improved documentation for Markers

v5.0.3 - January 18, 2023

  • Fix issues with removing and relabelling Flat Labels

v5.0.0 - December 7th, 2022

This release includes changes from all previous beta versions.

  • Improved camera API. Now uses a single class, MPICameraManager
  • Deprecated old functions in favor of new API structure
  • labelAllLocations has been split into two separate functions: MPIFlatLabelsManager.labelAllLocations and MPIFloatingLabelsManager.labelAllLocations
  • Add emitAnalyticsEvents flag to loadVenue
  • Add method to control Camera.maxTilt

Migrating from v4? See migration guide for more details.

v5.0.0-beta.7 - November 14, 2022

  • Add emitAnalyticsEvents flag to loadVenue
  • Add method to control Camera.maxTilt
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