Flat Labels

In the release of Mappedin React Native SDK v5, Flat Labels and Floating Labels have been separated into their own objects under the MapViewStore. labelAllLocations() has been deprecated and labelPolygon() has been removed.

A secondary method to label locations is to use Flat Labels. These labels are painted on to the top layer of a polygon. To use Flat Labels, set labelAllLocationsOnInit: false in the MiMapView options and call the FlatLabels.labelAllLocations function in onFirstMapLoaded.

venue: "<VENUE_SLUG>",
labelAllLocationsOnInit: false,
onFirstMapLoaded={() => {
// ...other props

Default Flat Labels

Customizing Appearance

To adjust the look of all of our Flat Labels, we pass an appearance object in the labelAllLocations function call. We can easily change the font, text color and increase the size to fit our brand style better.

appearance: {
font: "Georgia",
fontSize: 16,
color: "#1c1c43",

Customized Flat Labels

The documentation for TFlatLabelAppearance explains all the customization options such as colors and sizes for the marker and the text.

type TFlatLabelAppearance = {
/** Optional color in hexadecimal string e.g. #2e2e2e. */
color?: string;
/** A CSS style string font, e.g. "sans-serif". You can specify your own font via @font-face rule with a font family, and then include that here. */
font?: string;
/** Size of the font in pixels. @default 1.2 */
fontSize?: number;
/** By default this is the upper bounds of the Polygon. If you don't have a Polygon, or want a custom height for some reason, you can set this. */
height?: number;
/** The amount of space to leave before starting the text in pixels. @default 5 */
margin?: number;
/** The minimum percentage we can shrink the label to if it won't fit within the bounds at 100%. If it doesn't fit at that level, it won't be created. @default 0.25 */
scaleMin?: number;
/** How much to decrement the scale each time it doesn't fit, so we don't end up with too many different font sizes on screen at once. If you are only labeling a few MappedinPolygons rather than everything, you can set this and and scaleMin to 0.1 to fit everything except really long names perfectly. @default 0.25 */
scaleStep?: number;
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