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Web SDK Overview

Web SDK Overview


The Mappedin Web SDK lets you render the maps of your venue, designed using Mappedin CMS, inside an HTML page on your web app's frontend. The SDK is a JavaScript package, built using plain JavaScript.

In this section, we'll go over some basic concepts which will help you understand how the Web SDK works, and set the tone for the guides that follow.


  • After the quick initial setup and configuration, the SDK renders the map associated with the keys provided by you, inside the HTML element which you provide.
    Usually, this element will be a <div>. The authentication and network communication will be handled by the SDK automatically.
  • The SDK allows you to render your venue's maps in 3D. The SDK pulls the most up to date data from our mapping CMS for all your points of interest within your venue.
  • The rendered map automatically handles basic interaction such as pan and zoom, and also supports touch gestures such as pinch, taps, along with the mouse gestures.
  • The SDK supports drawing navigation paths and providing instructions to and from any point of interest within the venue. Both accessible and non-accessible optimized routes are supported. You can build more functionality on top of this experience, such as search.
  • The Mappedin Web SDK uses three.js for rendering the map tiles, graphics and polygons. three.js uses WebGL under the hood, and delivers a smooth and efficient experience.

Further pieces of this guide give you more details about how to setup the SDK and customize it as per your liking.

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