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React Native Overview

React Native Overview


The Mappedin React Native SDK lets you render the maps of your venue, designed using Mappedin CMS, inside a React Native application. The SDK is a Typescript package and can be downloaded from NPM.

You can find the Mappedin React Native demo application on Github at

In this section, we'll help you setup a React Native development environment. The demo code and these guides are written in Typescript but can be adapted to a Javascript project as well. For more information about the basic concepts of the SDK, you can review the Mappedin Web SDK Overview. Further pieces of this guide give you more details about how to setup the SDK and customize it as per your liking.

Mappedin React Native SDK uses react-native-webview package to display the map.

Environment setup

  • Setup your environment and start a new React Native -project following the official instructions. npx react-native init GettingStarted --template react-native-template-typescript
  • Run yarn start to start the Metro bundler
  • And yarn run ios in a separate terminal to make sure everything works at this point. This will run the React Native starter -project in an iOS simulator.
  • To install Mappedin React Native SDK, run yarn add @mappedin/react-native-sdk react-native-webview
  • Make sure you build the project after installing dependencies with cd ios && pod install or npx pod-install and run yarn run ios.

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