Airport Data Objects

Airport Data

The Mappedin system has four types of object that can be synced that are specific to airports: Check-In Counter, Security Wait Times, Flight and Parking. These objects provide additional capabilities to Mappedin Web users, such as:

  • Searching for their gate by flight number
  • Integrating security wait times into estimated journey times
  • Finding the check-in counter for their airline
  • Viewing available parking

Check-In Counter

The airline occupying a specific set of check-in counters may vary over the course of a day. A check-in is a special type of location that may only be active for a set period in the day. To handle this, Mappedin can run a higher frequency sync to an airline check-in endpoint that returns current active check-ins to ensure counters are accurately associated with the correct airlines on the map at all times.

nameAirline namestringRequired
externalIdUnique identifier of the location entrystringRequired
typeDifferentiates check-in locations from regular locations. Use value check-in to specify a check-in location.stringRequired
polygonUnique identifier(s) of related check-in counter polygon(s) in the mapArray<string>Required
logoURL to airline logo imagestringRequired
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"name": "Airline Name",
"externalId": "location_id_1",
"type": "check-in"
"polygons": ["check-in-counter-1A", "check-in-counter-1B", "check-in-counter-1C"],
"logo": "http://www.example.com/Example-Airline-Logo.jpg",

Security Wait Times

On a Mappedin Map, a connection is used to represent a path between two nodes. Security checkpoints are represented as connections that allow passage in only one direction and have a wait time, representing the time it takes for a traveller to pass through it.

externalIdUnique identifier of the connectionstringRequired
waitTimeWait time in minutes for the given connectionnumberRequired
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"externalId": "SEC1",
"waitTime": 5
"externalId": "SEC2",
"waitTime": 15
"externalId": "SEC3",
"waitTime": 9


Flight data allows a user to perform a search using their airline name or flight code. The search results can show them additional details and provide directions to the gate of departure or arrival.

It is recommended to pass both the checkinId and claimUnitId where relevant on each flight. This allows the map to accurately route to the relevant check-in or baggage claim.

idUnique identifierstringRequired
airlineCodeAirline codestringRequired
airlineNameAirline namestringRequired
airportNameAirport namestringRequired
sectorNameTerminal name or numberstringRequired
primaryGateGate numberstringRequired
claimUnitBaggage claim numberstringRequired
legArrival or departure legA or DRequired
flightStatusObject containing status & color. Color can be set using CSS colors names DarkGoldenRod, as Hex strings #0000FF or the rgb values rgb(255,0,0).status: string, color: stringRequired
flightNumberFlight numberstringRequired
scheduledTimeLocalScheduled time or arrival or departure in ISO 8601 formatstringRequired
estimatedTimeLocalEstimated time of arrival or departure in ISO 8601 formatstringOptional
checkinIdUnique identifier of the polygon representing the check-in counterstringOptional
claimUnitIdUnique identifier of the polygon representing the baggage claimstringOptional
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"id": "2024-AL-123",
"airlineCode": "AL",
"airlineName": "Airline",
"airportName": "Airport",
"sectorName": "Domestic",
"primaryGate": "50",
"claimUnit": "8"
"leg": "A",
"flightStatus": {
"status": "DEPARTED",
"color": "#2266FF"
"flightNumber": "AL123",
"scheduledTimeLocal": "2024-04-03T09:00:00.000",
"estimatedTimeLocal": "2024-04-03T09:15:00.000",
"checkinId": "POLY-123",
"claimUnitId": "POLY-456"


Using the parking object allows users to see information about parking lots. They can check for things such as the parking lot size, number of free spaces and whether the parking lot is open or closed.

idUnique identifierstringRequired
nameParking lot namestringRequired
externalIdUnique identifier of the location for the parking lot entrancestringOptional
freeSpacesNumber of free parking spacesnumberRequired
totalSpacesTotal number of parking spacesnumberRequired
freeEVSpacesFree electric vehicle charging spacesnumberOptional
statusStatus of the parking lotstringRequired
colorColor for the status pill and parking lot background. Color can be set using CSS colors names DarkGoldenRod, as Hex strings #0000FF or the rgb values rgb(255,0,0).stringRequired
lastUpdatedDateLast updated time in local time in ISO 8601 formatstringRequired
isClosedWhether the parking lot is closedbooleanOptional
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"id": "PA",
"name": "Parking A",
"externalId": "POLY-123",
"freeSpaces": 200,
"totalSpaces": 300,
"freeEVSpaces": 10,
"status": "OPEN",
"color": "#33AC30",
"lastUpdatedDate": "2024-04-03T13:36:07.983"
"isClosed": false,
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