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Welcome to the exciting world of indoor mapping technology! We're Mappedin, and we're thrilled to be sponsoring nwHacks, a student hackathon that pushes the boundaries of innovation and creativity. At Mappedin, we specialize in transforming the way people interact with indoor spaces, making navigation and exploration seamless and intuitive. This is your exclusive opportunity to get first access to our latest SDK that is now compatible for Maker maps. Unleash your creativity!

What is Maker?

We're excited to introduce our free, user-friendly indoor mapping tool powered by Maker. Maker platform is designed to empower you to craft detailed, accurate, and interactive indoor maps with ease! Create maps in minutes for schools, malls, offices, and venues across your city without prior mapping experience.

UBC Maker Maps

📌 nwHacks Building👽 Student Union Building
Life Science InstituteAMS Nest

Main Building - Life Science Institute

UBC nwHacks LSI Building

Explore the Resources

As you dive into this hackathon, we invite you to explore the full potential of our technology. On this page, you'll find resources for comprehensive documents and guides crafted to ensure your success. We've also provided a trial API Key and Secret, giving you full access to our SDK during the event. This is your chance to collaborate, innovate, and create something truly remarkable.

Whether you're looking to enhance user experiences, integrate with other SDKs, or pioneer new features, our platform is your canvas. We can't wait to see the amazing projects you'll develop using Mappedin's indoor mapping technology.

Table of Contents

  1. 🔑 Trial API Keys
  2. 🌎 Maker Resources
  3. 👾 SDK Guides and Resources
  4. 🌟 Raffle Entry

Use the Mappedin SDK in your project and stand a chance to win a share of $1000 in Amazon Gift Cards!

🔑 Trial API Keys

Key TypeValue
Client ID65a0422df128bbf7c7072349
Client Secret5f72653eba818842c16c4fdb9c874ae02100ffced413f638b7bd9c65fd5b92a4
LSI Map ID657cc670040fcba69696e69e
AMS Nest Map ID659efcf1040fcba69696e7b6

Custom Maker Map

If you plan on using your own Maker map, please visit the Mappedin's Discord Channel for instructions. You will need your map ID or URL and your team name.

You can find the map ID in the URL. See below for reference. Remember to click the share to publish your map!

Map ID in Maker Map URL

🌎 Maker Resources

Maker Tutorial Gif

👾 SDK Guides and Resources

🌟 Enter to Win!

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Raffle Prize: Anker Magnetic Wireless Battery

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