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Web SDK v4: BlueDot Display States

Web SDK v4: BlueDot Display States

In the above image, the Blue Dot position given to the Mappedin SDK has a high accuracy (within a few meters) and it is on the currently displayed floor. The TGeolocationObject would look something like this:

coords: {
accuracy: 5,
latitude: 43.51905183293411,
longitude: -80.53701846381122,
floorLevel: 0,

If the Mappedin BlueDot is able to detect that a given position update is inaccurate, a blue shadow is displayed underneath the BlueDot to indicate uncertainty range.

When the BlueDot is on another floor it will look semi-transparent.

The uncertainty range is show also when displaying the BlueDot from another floor than the currently viewed one.

30 seconds after the latest position update, the BlueDot is displayed as greyed out as it's possible that the user has moved but no updates have been received.

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