• options


  • options Object

    Passes on options (e.g. html, text, position, map, padding, defaultAnchorType, enabledAnchorTypes, collisionRank) to MapView.Tooltip's options argument.

    • [html] optional

      Pass in custom html for your marker, if using this method you must also pass in a selector for your content.

    • [selector] optional

      Used in conjuction with the html property to select the div for repositioning

    • [contentHtml] optional

      Use mappedin's default tooltip styling with custom inner html content

    • [text] optional

      Instead of passing html pass in plain text to be displayed in the tooltip

    • [position] #crossLink "MapView/getPositionPolygon:method" optional

      should be something you got from }{{/crossLink}} or {{#crossLink "MapView/getPositionNode:method"}}{{/crossLink}}.

    • [map] optional

      The map ID where the tooltip should be displayed

    • [defaultAnchorType] optional

      The default orientation to place the tooltip.

    • [padding] optional

      The distance in pixel to offset the tooltip from the anchor point.

    • [enabledAnchorTypes] optional

      An object used to disable certain anchor positions from being used.

    • [collisionRank] optional

      The rank of the object used when comparing colliders to determine which should be shown.

A Tooltip is an html element that attempts to orient itself around an anchor in 3D space. It will always maintain the same size on the screen, but will attempt to change its orientation based on other colliders in the scene. Make your own and add it directly to the map with createTooltip, or use the constructor and add it when you want. You will need to specify at least options.position and one of options.html and options.selector OR options.contentHtml.