A MappedinLocation is something like a store or washroom on a MappedinMap. It has an ID and will be linked to zero or more MappedinNodes and MappedinPolygons.

A Location's Nodes and Polygons can be on multiple Maps, or in multiple non-adjacent places on the same Map. For example, all washroom at a given Venue could belong to one Location, or a department store could live on multiple floors. A Washroom Location might a have a few Polygons spread throughout the Venue for each one that exists, but a single store might just have one presence, and therefore one Polygon. Some Locations just have a single point and only have Nodes.

A Location can have more properties (typically things like 'name', 'externalId', 'type', 'categories', 'description', 'logo', etc).

The Mappedin 'things' object is where you would specify what properties you want to download for Locations. Only specify what you will actually use, to minmimze transfer time. Work with your Mappedin developer relations contact to set up any custom properties you need.

See below for an example a 'things' object with available Location properties specified:

things: {
    venue: [],
    locations: ['venue', 'name', 'type', 'icon', 'logo', 'language', 'externalId', 'description', 'categories', 'phone', 'operationHours', 'social', 'tags', 'parents', 'sortOrder'],
    categories: [],
    maps: []
  • destination
  • options
  • cb

Gets directions from this Location to the target Polygon, Location, Node or array of Nodes.


  • error
  • directions

Directions callback.


  • destination
  • options
  • cb

Gets the cost (combined distance and weights) and total distance(in meters) from this Location to the target Polygon, Location, Node or array of Nodes.




Location ID.

This is the internal Mappedin ID, and can be used for the lifetime of the data you get back from getVenue, but it may not be present in future calls, even if there is another Location with otherwise similar properties. An ID can never be reused if it's, say, accidentally deleted. If something more durable is required, or if the data in the Mappedin CMS is being synced from somewhere else, you should finding things using the externalId property.



Operation hours for nodes attached to this Location.



Nodes this Location is attached to.



Parent of this Location, if any. Used in cases where one Location is inside another, more "important" Location.



Polygons this Location is attached to.