MappedIn iOS SDK Documentation

This is the MappedIn iOS SDK Documentation.

Check out our quickstart guide and other tutorials at For sample applications, please see our ios github repo. This repo contains simple examples to get you started with the MappedIn iOS SDK.

API Quick Start

Let’s go through the key classes provided by the SDK and when you would use them.


This is the class to start with. It controls all communication with the Mappedin API. Initialize Mappedin with your own keys or use these public sample keys to get started:

let mappedin = Mappedin(mappedinKey: "`${MAPPEDIN_CLIENT_ID}`", mappedinSecret: "`${MAPPEDIN_CLIENT_SECRET}`")


This will query the MappedIn servers to get a list of venues the user has access to. The venue data itself will not be retrieved. To get all of the data for a specific venue, call


Similar to getVenues, this function will interface with the MappedIn API for you, sending the fully populated MiVenue to your callback when it’s done.


The MiVenue object will contain all information associated with a given venue.


The MiMapView class will display your your map for you. Once you have a venue, run mapView.loadMap(venue: venue)`

That’s the basics. Guides for Directions, Overlays and other features are be covered at