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React Native SDK Release Notes

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Jere Suikkila

Developer Evangelist

Mappedin React Native SDK release notes are posted here and this page will be kept up-to-date as updates are released. The SDK is available on NPM @mappedin/react-native-sdk.

September 2, 2021

Update dependency in package.json to version 3.5.0: "@mappedin/react-native-sdk": "3.5.0"

Added support for Canvas Bound labels with a legacyLabels option. It can be used in the following way:

legacyLabels: true
mapView.labelPolygon('', {
legacyLabels: true,
text: 'hello'

July 22, 2021

Update dependency in package.json to version 3.4.3: "@mappedin/react-native-sdk": "3.4.3"

  • Label performance improvements: Some issues affecting the speed of rendering labels on the map have been fixed. This can lead to improved load times when rendering labels on map initialization, especially when smart labels are enabled.

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